How to Download Music and Videos From YouTube Free - YouTube Video Downloader

Download Music and Videos From YouTube Free - YouTube Video Downloader
How to Download Music and Videos From YouTube Free
Recently, some visitors asks me; How do I download and save a YouTube video? How can I download videos from YouTube on mobile? How can I download video from YouTube without any software? Can I download a YouTube video to my laptop? And lots other questions about downloading videos and music from YouTube which I could not put down here.

I've get to conclusion that as a music and video blogger, the need for me (Joseph Ybholy) to make a complete and detailed guide on the fastest and easiest way to download YouTube videos and music on this blog: AzNaijaMusic - No.1 Fastest growing Nigeria music and Video Download Website 2019/2020.

Let's get down to the point of this DIY YouTube downloading guide.

Introduction to How to Download Music and Videos From YouTube Free - YouTube Video Downloader

Due to its convenience, is the most popular video hosting site, the third most popular website in the world and the second most visited online search engine after

Well, its functionality is limited whenever you try to download YouTube videos for free. You can save only a small number of videos and audio by using common methods which you can only access inside the YouTube app... Oh! Not too good especially when you want to share the video your family and friends.

As per my research, offers the fastest way to download video and music from YouTube in mp3, mp4, SQ, HD, FullHD quality, plus a wide range of formats for free and easier than ever.

It’s the most convenient YouTube video downloader I’ve ever tried! Save one video or song to your pc or mobile and see it for yourself! But wait my friend, don't rush to - follow the simple guide I will give you below.

How to Download Music and Videos From YouTube Fast & Free

This is however the easiest method you will see on online concerning How to download music from Youtube?

Do you wonder how to download music from Youtube? Wonder not anymore... I've arrived with the tutorial; the simple tutorial to download videos from YT. There are about three different methods to download any video from YouTube. Let's start with the first one.

Method 1: Download Music Video Using SaveFrom.Net - Easier For Newbies

1. Enter and search for any video you want to download. If you've seen the video already and you want to download it... Just do it this way and thank me later. Lol πŸ”₯

Note: for the sake of this video. I will be downloading "Burna Boy - Anybody". So, I will search either of these keywords; anybody by Burna boy, Burna boy anybody mp3, burna boy anybody reaction, burna boy anybody audio, burna boy anybody instrumental, burna boy anybody music video, burna boy anybody Mp4. Here's the results.

Download Music Video from YouTube
Download Music From YouTube

The first video is the official video so I selected it. I opened the video.

Next, copy the video url or link from the url box or copy the video url from the "Share Button".

Use download YouTube videos music
Download Video From YouTube

After copying the video link, move to the other tab where you opened the website. Paste the copied url or link in the box as shown below. It will automatically load the video photos.

Tap the green "Download Button" to save/download the video, or choose the format you like (MP3, MP4, WEBM, 3GP).

Now you can enjoy the videos and playlists offline! Works in Chrome, Firefox or any other browser. Move to your phone gallery or PC files folder to see the video and play it.

Method 2: Download Youtube video via (by adding SS in front of the url/link

How to save YouTube movies without using

Do you believe that downloading YouTube videos can be done without using another site like I will take you through the guide to download music video from YouTube like a pro.

Download YouTube video by adding SS to the URL link
Add "ss" to download YouTube videos

Just add "ss" to the video url/link to launch the downloading process. Your download will begin in short time

Original YouTube URL:

Add ss to the URL to download:

This is the complete guide to download music from YouTube easily.

Conclusion to the post; How to Download Music and Videos From YouTube Free - YouTube Video Downloader

Are you able to download your desired music videos from YouTube using this guide? If yes, tell us about your experience. If not, tell us also. Kindly share this post to others on Facebook and WhatsApp. Thanks


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